Boston Red Sox defeat Baltimore Orioles, 6-3

BOSTON --Bartolo Colon got the 150th victory of his career with six strong innings.

And he didn't make any fielding mistakes.

Colon allowed one run and five hits and the Boston Red Sox beat the Baltimore Orioles 6-3 on Wednesday night. Five days earlier, Colon made two errors in his only loss of the season, an 8-0 setback to Seattle which he left trailing 5-0.

Against the Orioles, Colon (4-1) was staked to a 5-0 lead. Jason Varitek's three-run homer capped the Red So...

Anyone could have had him, really. Pick up the phone, place a call, and a former Cy Young Award winner could have been yours.

Fortunately for the Red Sox, they were the ones who got through to the Dominican Republic in spring training. Then again, they were the only ones who tried.

It was a chance they were willing to take, especially for short money, and Bartolo Colon has so far been more than they could have asked.

Last night he won his fourth game in five decis...

A recap of the Orioles' 6-3 loss to the Red Sox last night:

First the worst

After watching Garrett Olson struggle last month at Yankee Stadium, the Orioles wanted to see how the rookie left-hander would respond to pitching at Fenway Park. By the end of the first inning last night, they had gotten their answer, and it wasn't good. Olson made a key throwing error in the first and allowed a long three-run homer to Jason Varitek that put the Orioles in a five-run hole. T...

BOSTON -- Jason Varitek's three-run homer in the Boston Red Sox's crushing first inning last night soared over the Green Monster and landed in a parking lot beyond Lansdowne Street. Mike Lowell's towering fly ball in the sixth settled in the second row in the elevated left-field seats at Fenway Park, not as impressive as Varitek's clout, but a homer nonetheless.

In between the two long balls, Garrett Olson did exactly what the Orioles needed. But the four straight score...