Do-Division Street Fest and Sidewalk Sale

Live Music programmed by Empty Bottle Presents:
"Bringing music to Chicago for over 15 years"
Saturday 5/31/08
8:30pm Lucero
Soak up a little sun and a little whiskey when southern rock band LUCERO brings a taste of Memphis to the stage. LUCERO grinds out Springsteen-inspired guitar, gravely vocals that give a benevolent voice to small town experiences, and classic rock percussion. Between the many side projects the band's members pursue, such as film acting, electronic collaborations, and solo tours, they still manage to play 150 to 200 shows a year. LUCERO's humble slice-of-life music is reminiscent of backyard barbeques, wobbly tire swings, and cool evenings illuminated by fireflies. Relax and enjoy their tantalizing flavor of Americana.
7:00pm Mucca Pazza
Our local, colorfully mismatched circus punk marching band MUCCA PAZZA takes their carefully composed instrumentals to the street in this year's festival. This ragtag crew of thirty plays party music inspired by surf, gypsy, and traditional teachings. Though unsigned, the band has performed on Late Night With Conan O'Brien and can be seen all over the city. The full band, including mandolins and cheerleaders, prove time and again that Chicago is a city of thrift store ingenuity.
5:30pm Tally Hall
Straight out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, the stirring quintet TALLY HALL plays perky rock with BEATLES-esque harmony, QUEEN-styled melodies, and a pervading sense of whimsy. The band members, distinguished by their different colored ties, formed TALLY HALL back in 2002. Since then the band has earned much praise, particularly for their single 'Good Day' which earned them the John Lennon Scholarship Award. The band strives to broaden people's perception of rock, drawing on calypso, surf, dub, and a whole slew of left-field influences. TALLY HALL is guaranteed to brighten your day.
4:00pm Occidental Brothers
Dance Band International
Cool African percussion, smooth saxophone, jazzy bass, and guitar inspired by modern indie rock characterize this fabulous band. OCCIDENTAL BROTHERS DANCE BAND INTERNATIONAL has been drawing diverse audiences with their unique sound for some time now. Headed by guitarist NATHANIEL BRADDOCK, a teacher at the Old Town School of Folk Music, and featuring the vocals of trumpet player KOFI CROMWELL, who sings in a mixture of English and Twi, the OCCIDENTAL BROTHERS got their start covering Congolese greats. Since their debut the band has taken to writing original compositions inspired by the members' varied traditional teachings. Easy, breezy, and fun, the OCCIDENTAL BROTHERS present musical styles few people have the joy of experiencing.
2:30pm Tight Phantomz (replacing De Novo Dahl )

1:00pm Muldoons
How many people can say their band opened for THE WHITE STRIPES before they'd even entered their teens? Detroit's family punk band THE MULDOONS can. Young brothers HUNTER and SHANE MULDOON rock out with riffs inspired by BLACK SABBATH, LED ZEPPELIN and NIRVANA, all between homework, skateboarding, and video games. With their father BRIAN on drums, THE MULDOONS have recorded and recently released a full-length album for JACK WHITE's Third Man imprint.

Sunday 6/1/08
8:30pm Ted Leo
and the Pharmacists
Infected by the energy and idealism of punk but tempered by traditional rock, pop, soul, and funk influences, TED LEO AND THE PHARMACISTS inspires compassionate rebellion where ever they go. TED LEO has accomplished much since his early days in bands such as CITIZEN'S ARREST and ANIMAL CRACKERS and through thick and thin has stayed true to what he's passionate about: music. With the PHARMACISTS, now with five full-length releases, TED LEO travels ceaselessly, spreading cheer to the working class and encouraging people to embrace their dreams. These alterna-rock aficionados exceed the hype.
7:00pm Gil Mantera's Party Dream
With peaceful, tinkling synthpop rhythms, distorted guitar and bass, and a wild stage show, GIL MANTERA'S PARTY DREAM knows how to make you move. Thoughtful lyrics and catchy beats will be interwoven with improvised chatter, dance, maybe even golden hot pants and striptease if you're lucky. The PARTY DREAM is unstoppable, unpredictable, and downright fun. The Ohio two-piece will be dropping by Chicago before heading out for a summer North American tour so catch them while you can.
5:30pm The 1900s
Indie darlings THE 1900S have been playing sold-out shows all around their hometown of Chicago and piling up praise with their mellow pop orchestrations. Airy and gentle like a walk through the annals of pop history, this psychedelic seven-piece creates a nostalgic atmosphere with delicate keyboards, bubbly guitar, pining strings, and sweet male-female vocal harmonies. Much like the title of last years full-length, Cold & Kind, the music is graceful and saccharine but masks a curious sense of longing. The Chicago Reader, Time Out, UR Chicago and Venuszine have all been abuzz with nice words for THE 1900s. Prepare yourself for these intriguing local gems.
4:00pm Frightened Rabbit
Touring in support of their latest album The Midnight Organ Fight (the press photo shoot involved a lot of raw meat), FRIGHTENED RABBIT aims to "keep pop music alive by getting it out of that dress and into a sweater." (Whatever that means.) Coming straight from Scotland, this quirky foursome compile charmingly bright pop rock tunes with charmingly awkward lyrics such as "Let's pretend I'm attractive and then/You won't mind/Come twist for a while/Tonight I can be who you like/And I'll quietly leave/Before it gets light." Frightened Rabbit offers the kind of sweet, childlike sincerity we wish we were strong enough to reveal.
2:30pm Bear Hands
What lead singer DYLAN RAU laughingly describes as "skinny music for skinny people," BEAR HANDS plays solid, affecting indie rock that lingers in your head for days. Though the music has an introspective edge, there is no angst or sorrow dragging it down. Rather, BEAR HANDS focuses on making unadulterated rock with hints of MODEST MOUSE and PAVEMENT. These NYC natives have drawn praise from Alternative Press, NME, and and plan to set Do Division ablaze this year.
1:00pm Tully Monster
Formerly known as THE BLISTERS before reforming this year, the members of TULLY MONSTER have played all over, from Lollapalooza and Millennium Park to Quaker Oatmeal commercials. This local teenage rock band is sure to be a treat as they kick off the second day of Do Division!

Bubble Beat DJs
in the Wicker Wash car wash & detail center
2123 W. Division St.
programmed by LAVA, Funkshion Clothing & Image Chicago

Saturday, 5/31
9pm The Sound Republic
8pm Imphinity
7pm Dj Pickel
6pm Nathan Scott
5pm Zebo
4pm Jordan V

Sunday, 6/1
9pm Victor R
8pm The Beat Giants
7pm J Funk
6pm Shala
5pm RockCity
4pm MTM


Do-Division Street Fest and Sidewalk Sale spans 10 city blocks, on Division Street from Ashland to Leavitt, and features a live music stage sponsored by Empty Bottle, a wide variety of high quality food offered by Division Street restaurants, plenty of ice cold beer, unique kid's activities, dog activities, and an elaborate Sidewalk Sale put on by Division Street Merchants.

Live Music Stage Sponsored by The Empty Bottle: The Empty Bottle was started 15 years ago as a 400 capacity club in West Town Chicago. The Empty Bottle's reputation for booking cutting edge and high quality music as led them to expand. Five years ago, they started Empty Bottle Presents to produce events at outside locations. Having the Do-Division stage sponsored by Empty Bottle Presents will assure that the 2008 talent line-up will feature very current original live music of the highest quality.

Chicago's hottest, hippest 'hood…. Division Street between Ashland and Leavitt is packed with trendy boutiques, salons, spas, restaurants, bistros, bakeries, coffee shops and cyber cafes. It's wide, tree lined sidewalks give it a distinctly European feel. During warm weather months, there are as many as a dozen sidewalk cafes in operation. West Division Street's restaurants and bars all have one thing in common: high quality in all price ranges.

Food, Fashion, Fun…. Division Street's restaurant choices can satisfy any craving including Thai, Tapas, Sushi, organic pizza, comfort food, Mexican, Northern Italian and award winning fusion. And, from the 'cheapest beers in Chicago' to some of the best wine selections in the city, Division Street has plenty to offer imbibers. The Division Street area is also home to many of Chicago's fashion designers, which may explain Division Street's multitude of cutting edge, high quality clothing and shoe boutiques. Visit to learn more about this exciting business district.

“The major appeal [of the Do Division fest] is that it’s a really local event. The Empty Bottle did the booking for the music. The event really reflects the neighborhood.”

Kara Salgado, the executive director of the West Town Chamber of Commerce”

— North by Northwestern