Chicago Turkish Festival 2008

Celebrating Turkish Culture in the City of Chicago Those who visit Daley Plaza in the heart of downtown Chicago on May 28th through May 31st 2008 will be treated to a celebration of Turkish culture.

The 6th Annual Chicago Turkish Festival will be taking place, featuring an incredible array of food, demonstrations, performances, and cultural education. Many groups and individuals from Turkey, along with Turkish-Americans presently living in Chicago will be participating in the event, showcasing their pride and heritage of their diverse culture.

Each day of the festival will feature unique and authentic Turkish music. Turkish music has a long history of musical influences from Europe as well as Asia. When viewing live performances of Turkish music, it is very clear how much pride is felt from these very old folk and ethnic filled musical traditions. In addition to music, visitors will be treated to beautiful authentic folk dances, unique displays of Turkish artwork, and a large variety of traditional products from Turkey. Exquisite crafts and handmade goods are available for purchase from a large variety of vendors at the event.

The main features of the Chicago Turkish Festival include cooking demonstrations of both modern and traditional Turkish styles, a fashion show which features some of the most world famous Turkish designers, and the incredible live performances of Turkish folklore dances. A wide range of activities for people of all ages are also a staple of the Chicago Turkish Festival.

The event is well known for their exhibits of authentic Turkish foods ranging from including world-renowned baklava, Turkish coffee, kabobs, and an incredible unique ice cream that is a must. Food that has been inherited from its Ottoman heritage is usually a combination of Central Asian, Balkan, and Middle Eastern cuisines. Although many may be uneasy to try some of the more traditional Turkish dishes, there is plenty of excellent cuisines and desserts that offer some incredible tastes.

Chicago's Turkish Festival is being held in Daley Plaza this week. After last week's Asian American Festival I have started paying a lot more attention to the things going on at Daley Plaza.

I actually like the Turkish Festival much better because there are many more "Turkish" elements to it. People dress up in costume and beautiful Turkish tables are set up for people to eat at. There is also a good amount of shopping including a whole bunch of authentic Turkish food items. So the attending the festival for lunch was a great way to break up the day.

Although I originally headed over to the festival for a keebob, I ended up having a Turkish Pizza and some amazing Eggplant Salad. I had never heard of a "Turkish" pizza before and it is basically some spiced meat folded in a large wrap topped with seasoned veggies. The eggplant salad was AMAZING and I'd love to recreate it. It had a great consistency and it was nice and garlicky, but not too overbearing.