Detroit Pistons defeat Boston Celtics, 103-97

Consider this a master class.

Consider this a statement.

Consider this a vivid reminder that man cannot live on home-court advantage alone, not if the stated goal is an NBA championship.

What a wonderful night this was to be a member of, the coach of, the owner of, or just a plain old fan of the Detroit Pistons. This was a demonstration of professionalism. This was the way a good team acts.

A split in Boston was all they asked for, and now they have it. They we...

As Paul Pierce walked off the court last night at TD Banknorth Garden feeling different than he has been accustomed to at home in the playoffs, he said loudly, so his teammates could hear, "Don't worry about it. There's a lot more basketball to play."

To ensure that, the Celtics must win on the road now.

The Celtics lost their first postseason game at home, a 103-97 decision in Game 2 to the Pistons in the Eastern Conference finals.

"It's definitely going to be a ...

The rules have changed. The formula has dissolved. If the Celtics are going to win a championship this spring, they are going to have to do something they have yet to do: win a playoff game away from home.

The Detroit Pistons, ladies and gents, are not the Atlanta Hawks, nor are they the Cleveland Cavaliers. They do not break out in hives when they hear boos. Last night, they kicked some hometown butt, stifled the Causeway Street din, and walked out of the New Garden wi...