Baltimore Orioles defeat New York Yankees, 12-2

NEW YORK -- The "Mooooose" chant that Orioles fans showered down on their former ace for many successful seasons started just before 7:10 last night when Mike Mussina prepared to deliver his first pitch for the New York Yankees.

About 30 minutes later, the chant was replaced by a steady chorus of boos as Mussina ducked into the dugout after one of the most difficult starts of his 18-year-career.

Taking advantage of Derek Jeter's throwing error that prolonged the firs...

NEW YORK -- For the second consecutive year, the Orioles pick in the top five in baseball's first-year player draft, and the club's philosophy is simple: Emerge with a top-quality player, regardless of the position.

"Baseball is not a draft where you draft need. It's not the NFL," Orioles president Andy MacPhail said recently. "I just want them to get the guy that they think will be the most productive big league player."

After snagging Georgia Tech catcher Matt Wiet...