Taylor Swift Appears In "Blender"

Swift has been featured on the cover of a number of magazines. In 2008, the list includes Blender, Seventeen, Billboard, Girl's Life, Women's Health and CosmoGirl.

That’s Sam’s house, the one with the boat in the driveway. He’s the guy who made the unfortunate error of cheating on a songwriter. Big Mistake.”

— Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, the extravagantly blond, improbably blue-eyed, intimidatingly leggy 18-year-old star is sitting in the driver’s seat of her Lexus SC430, idling outside a two-story house on a serene side street in her hometown of Hendersonville, Tennessee. Hendersonville is a suburb of 40,000 that stretches along the northern shoreline of scenic Old Hickory Lake, just outside Nashville. There are a couple of gaudy strips near the turnpike, packed with malls and chain restaurants, but in general, it’s a lovely, leafy place, with pretty homes set back from well-manicured lawns on pleasant little streets and culs-de-sac. A bit farther outside town, the landscape turns horse-country bucolic, and the houses get much, much bigger. Swift, who offered to show Blender around Hendersonville, has already piloted the Lexus past Roy Orbison’s old mansion and a sprawling compound that once belonged to Johnny Cash.