FDA Approves Medtronic's OneTouch UltraLink Meter

Medtronic, Inc. today announced that the FDA has cleared the OneTouch® UltraLink™ Meter as the new wireless meter exclusively certified by Medtronic to wirelessly communicate with Medtronic diabetes management products in the United States.

This new meter uses Medtronic-certified wireless technology to transmit glucose readings directly to MiniMed Paradigm® insulin pumps and the Guardian® REAL-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System. This makes bolus dosing more accurate and easier for patients compared to the manual entry of blood glucose readings.

We finally have a replacement wireless meter for the Minimed Paradigm insulin pumps. The new model is the OneTouch UltraLink meter.

It uses existing OneTouch Ultra test strips, with 5 seconds before you have a reading. The meter lets you flag readings as before or after meal so you can get these averages. It stores up to 500 readings and runs on 2 AAA batteries.

The OneTouch UltraLink Meter has recently acquired FDA approval, and this glucometer from Medtronic boasts wireless information transfer using a proprietary protocol to the MiniMed Paradigm insulin pump, hoping to achieve a tighter glycemic control in the end. Sounds like a much more convenient method of checking the glucose level in one’s blood, helping to make bolus dosing more accurate and much more convenient for patients when compared to manual entry of blood glucose readings. Read on more about the OneTouch UltraLink Meter after the jump.

The OneTouch UltraLink Glucose Meter is designed specifically for those who use the MiniMed Paradigm insulin pump. The blood testing sends results wirelessly to the insulin pump and automatically adjusts the insulin dosage level.

This meter also provides multiple diagnostic capabilities that can allow the user to develop comprehensive strategies for managing their diabetes.