Surgeons at London's Moorfields Eye Hospital Perform the First Operations Using Bionic Eyes

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is a National Health Service eye hospital in central London.

It is in the London Borough of Islington, on City Road, and is close to Old Street station. Together with the University College London (UCL) Institute of Ophthalmology, which is adjacent to the Hospital, it forms the world's largest site for eye care and research. Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is a member of the UCL Partners academic health science centre.

A visual prosthesis or bionic eye is a form of neural prosthesis intended to partially restore lost vision or amplify existing vision. It usually takes the form of an externally-worn camera that is attached to a stimulator on the retina, optic nerve, or in the visual cortex, in order to produce perceptions in the visual cortex.

These experimental visual devices are modeled on the cochlear implant or bionic ear devices, a type of neural prosthesis in use since the mid 1980s. These are an externally-worn microphone and processor that is attached to a stimulator in the cochlea, auditory nerve, in order to produce sound perception in the auditory cortex.