Boston Celtics defeat Chicago Bulls, 106-92

CHICAGO - Bennie the Bull literally took a shot at Kevin Garnett and James Posey last night.

During the fourth quarter of the Celtics' 106-92 win over the Bulls at the United Center, the Chicago mascot shot T-shirts out of a T-shirt gun that hit them in the back. The incident happened when Garnett and Posey were walking to the bench during a timeout with 2:49 remaining. Garnett and Posey gave Bennie the Bull a glare, and, said Garnett, "We exchanged words."

Garnett w...

CHICAGO - With the Pistons more or less throwing in the regular-season towel, the Celtics got one step closer to clinching the top seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs.
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The Celtics defeated the Bulls, 106-92, at the United Center last night as their All-Star trio combined for 59 points. Ray Allen scored a team-high 22, Kevin Garnett had 20, and Paul Pierce added 17.

The Celtics' magic number to clinch the top seed - a combination of Boston ...