Rascal Flatts' Single "Every Day" Is Released

"Every Day" is a Grammy Award nominated single by American country pop group Rascal Flatts.

It is the third single released from their 2007 album Still Feels Good, and the nineteenth Top Ten country hit of their career, reaching #2 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. The song was co-written by Jeffrey Steele, who also co-wrote the group's Number One hits "These Days", "What Hurts the Most", and "My Wish".

The song is a mid-tempo ballad set in triple meter and primarily accompanied by piano, in which the narrator addresses someone else, telling of how that person keeps the narrator from making mistakes in life ("every day, you save my life").

Jeffrey Steele, one of the song's co-writers, was inspired to write down the title after meeting singer Sarah Buxton at a restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee. Buxton told Steele about her roommate, saying "Every day, she saves my life". Steele then went home thinking about a lyric. Later on, while at a songwriting seminar in Colorado, Steele met songwriter Alissa Moreno, who was playing a melody on the piano. Steele then sang the title that he had written alongside Moreno's melody, they worked on the lyric and melody, and the song was completed. He then sent the song to record producer Dann Huff, who recommended the song to Rascal Flatts. The group then recorded it for their Still Feels Good album, giving Moreno her first outside cut as a songwriter.