Miley And Mandy: Questions

questions from the fans and answers from miley and mandy!

This is the latest episode of the Miley and Mandy show (as of March 28th) and both Miley and Mandy answer questions they've received from their fans. They talk about how old they are, Miley, 15 and Mandy, 20 and about being Christians.

Getting more interactive, Miley and Mandy answer fans questions. M & M had asked for ideas in previous episodes, one of them turned out to be a Q&A so the girls requested fans to send in questions... and this is the result!They started off by appologizing for no videos in a whole week due to lots of work, including Miley's cover of Seventeen - which will include Mandy in a section -, Miley's album recording and Mandy's new girl group (The Beach Girls) rehearsals. Then they went on to reply everything from how long they had been bestties (7 months very-very tight), their hair colour (brown for both, Miley laughed of how the yellow highlights aren't natural but it was sweet some people believed they were), they favourite colour (both blue), that they're both christians, one of the stores they go to the most to is Target, plus lots more stuff. A must watch n very much must listen one!