Boston Celtics defeat Milwaukee Bucks, 99-77

MILWAUKEE - Celtics guard Ray Allen was on the bench in a gray suit for last night's Celtics' victory, a 99-77 thrashing of the Bucks.

Allen is expected to be back in uniform soon.

Allen suffered what he described as a left talus bone injury in the first quarter of Boston's 110-92 loss to Utah Friday. The talus is a small bone between the heel bone and the two bones of the lower leg (tibia and fibula). Celtics coach Doc Rivers said Allen could return tomorrow at San Ant...

MILWAUKEE - After a tough 18-point loss to Utah at home Friday, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce strongly stated there would be much better focus in their next game. It's safe to say Garnett was pleased with the outcome, as he went to each player on the Celtics' bench to slap them five in appreciation of a 99-77 blowout victory over the Bucks last night at the Bradley Center.
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"Good game, C's," Garnett told his teammates.

The Celtics are an NBA-be...