Cleveland Cavaliers defeat Boston Celtics, 114-113

CLEVELAND - When the final votes were tallied in 2007, Ray Allen trailed seven Western Conference guards for a spot on the All-Star team.

He then was bypassed by the coaches - perhaps because of Seattle's dismal record - and prepared to spend his first All-Star Weekend in years away from the game.

Then came injuries to Steve Nash (shoulder) and Allen Iverson (ankle), and soon commissioner David Stern was summoning Allen to Las Vegas. Allen was an All-Star for the sevent...

CLEVELAND - The bar has been set high, almost impossibly so. This Celtics team has won on defense all season long, leading the NBA in all the pertinent categories, and yet last night, Doc Rivers might as well have worn a Paul Westhead mask.

And, frankly, Mike Brown, his Cleveland counterpart, might as well have worn a Doug Moe mask.

Two teams whose forte is defense showed no inclination to play that particular part of the game. The result was a 114-113 victory for th...