Miley And Mandy Show: Premiere

In February 2008, Cyrus and her friend Mandy Jiroux (who is also a backup dancer for Cyrus) began creating videos on YouTube called The Miley and Mandy Show.

The show, described as a "YouTube hit," is said to be filmed for fun by Cyrus and Jiroux and to be entirely their work, with Cyrus and Jiroux editing the footage together. It is mostly filmed in Cyrus' bedroom.

Miley Cyrus & Mandy Jiroux
Being best friends......

Miley and Mandy present their show (over and over and over again trying to say it at the same time), dance, sing, read magazines, act totally silly and laugh a lot. They dance to Janet Jackson's "Feedback" and Miley says Nick Jonas is "irresistible". In the end they credit both as creators, and for "hair and make-up", "wardrobe", "lighting" and "craft services", plus Miley for "set provider". The video starts once again for a few secs thanks everybody for watching and annouces there's more to come!