"The Incredible Hulk - Final Round" Rifftrax is Released

The story of the Hulk is a complex one but we can know a few things for sure: Hulk smash and...

well, that's about it. The Ed Norton version doesn't add much new information (Hulk smash, we already knew that), nor did Ang Lee's (Hulk bore.) In order to get the full picture we must revisit the beloved late 70's TV version, specifically the episode "The Final Round" (Season 1, Disc 2, Episode 3 for those Netflixing), in which we learn that Hulk befriend untalented boxer who literally dumber than half-full bag of hammers. Oh, and, Hulk smash in slow motion.

Mike, Kevin and Bill riff!

NOTE: Due to the way the Incredible Hulk DVDs are authored, if you watch this using the RiffTrax Player, fast-forwarding and rewinding may cause you to lose sync! Instead use the Chapter Skip buttons and sync should be maintained.

ANOTHER NOTE: This is the same Hulk that was available as a test on Hulu, and may be available again for free on Hulu or on other sites in the future. Or not. But for those clamoring for the MP3 now, here it is. Enjoy!