Pittsburgh Steelers defeat New England Patriots, 33-10

FOXBOROUGH - Mother Nature did what few NFL defenses can yesterday, take Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss out of his element.

Moss, who had four catches for 45 yards, was guilty of dropping balls in the rain drops, and he owned up to it after the game.

The all-world wide receiver dropped a pass that would have been a 30-yard gain in the first quarter, and then most damagingly dropped a sure TD pass in the back of the end zone on second and goal from the 9 with 31 se...

FOXBOROUGH - Kickoff returner Matthew Slater could have done what he was supposed to do midway through the third quarter. He could have run.

Slater emerged from the team's training room after the Patriots' sloppy 33-10 loss to the Steelers yesterday, and was quickly engulfed, much like he was by the Steelers' coverage team on a costly muffed third-quarter kickoff that was a turning point in the game.

The 23-year-old Slater could have dodged the tough questions like s...

FOXBOROUGH - Every so often we get these reminders that last year was last year and this year, well, ain't.

Miami 38, New England 13.

San Diego 30, New England 10.

And now . . . Pittsburgh 33, New England 10.

There's a top tier of teams in the National Football League, and the Patriots aren't in it. The Giants? Yup. The Titans? Yup. The Steelers? I'd say yes, absolutely. I don't reckon anyone's going to be looking forward to playing the Pittsburgh Steelers the ...

FOXBOROUGH - It was a soggy blur of black and gold opportunism. Turnover, after turnover, after turnover, after turnover, after turnover. There were five straight in all, and when the Patriots were done dropping the ball, having it stripped, and throwing it to the Pittsburgh Steelers, a winnable game had devolved into a damp and disappointing 33-10 defeat.

Poised for their annual late November/early December playoff push, the Patriots instead were pushed around by Pitts...