Boston Bruins defeat Buffalo Sabres, 7-4

Now that's entertainment!

Well . . . sort of . . . uh, kinda . . . OK, fine, I take that back.

The Bruins' 7-4 thumping of the Sabres at the Garden last night was to good hockey what the all-the-prime-rib-you-can-inhale buffet at the Lady Luck casino is to gourmet dining. From an offensive standpoint, it was a total feedbag job. Filling? Oh, you bet, biscuit belly.

But in terms of shape, struggle, and execution, the two latter-day Adams Division rivals established...

Double espresso? Red Bull? How else to explain the caffeinated cacophony of craziness and scoring that took place last night at TD Banknorth Garden?

The hopped-up Bruins, once known as a defense-first club under the trapping structure of coach Claude Julien, saw the Sabres pump three first-period shots past Manny Fernandez before five minutes had ticked off the game clock.

Without blinking, the Bruins responded by blasting three shots past goalie Ryan Miller in the f...