Boston Bruins defeat Toronto Maple Leafs, 3-2

TORONTO - For the last two seasons, whenever a hole has opened in Claude Julien's lineup, the Bruins coach has turned to P.J. Axelsson to serve as a patch.

It seems that Axelsson is continuing his act.

With Andrew Ference sidelined because of a fractured right tibia, the Bruins needed a point man on their second power-play unit. If the last two games serve as an indication, Axelsson can add that job to his Black-and-Gold résumé. Last night against Toronto and Saturda...

TORONTO - His leaguewide reputation may say otherwise, but Tim Thomas has calmed down his game. Thomas, widely known as an unorthodox goalie, has evolved into a more efficient butterfly puckstopper who pulls out the crazy stuff only when necessary.

Last night, when the buzzing Maple Leafs threw puck after puck at the Boston net - not to mention bodies crashing the crease at all times - Thomas had to revert to the acrobatics.

Thomas, featuring the sprawl jobs and whir...