Jay-Z releases "Blue Magic" single

"Blue Magic" is the first single from Jay-Z's tenth studio album, American Gangster., the song was released as a single on September 20, 2007.

In the chorus Pharrell sings an interpolation of the song "Hold On" by R&B girl group En Vogue. The name is a reference to a potent form of heroin sold by Frank Lucas at the height of his drug trade in Harlem, New York. An official remix features Pharrell and Trey Songz.

The lyrics in Jay-Z's first verse are a reference to Eric B. & Rakim's song "My Melody." Most of the song itself is a reference to the 1980s. Jay-Z even brings up his stint as an early age drug dealer to links with the Iran-Contra scandal and CIA and Contras cocaine trafficking in the US that rocked the 1980s and Reagan Presidency.

"Blame Reagan for making me into a monster/ Blame Oliver North and Iran-Contra/ I ran contraband that they sponsored/ Before this rhyming stuff we was in concert"

Chamillionaire released a freestyle of this song for his Mixtape Messiah 4 called "What the Business Is".