New England Patriots defeat San Diego Chargers, 38-14

FOXBOROUGH - They went no-huddle to open the game, electing to set a quick pace.

Seven flawless plays later, the Patriots had marched 69 yards for a touchdown, opening the first wound in a bloody beating of the Chargers.

It was a case of an offense, going with a three-wide package, being the aggressor.

"We thought we could control the tempo of the game a little bit," said coach Bill Belichick. "We wanted to try to spread the field on them. It was good to be able to s...

FOXBOROUGH - After listening to a week of quips and aspersions following their coach's candid camera escapades, the Patriots played like a team bent on exacting revenge - on the San Diego Chargers, the media, the NFL, Commissioner Roger Goodell, and anyone who ever had used the word "Patriots" and "videotape" in the same sentence.

The result was a 38-14 demolition of San Diego last night at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots and Bill Belichick proved they don't need cameras...

FOXBOROUGH - The way Shawne Merriman envisioned it, the menacing Chargers linebacker last night would perform a little San Diego two-step - his trademark "Lights Out" dance - after sacking Tom Brady and leaving him on the field, dazed and defeated.

Merriman would make up for failing to sack Brady in January's divisional playoffs. And the Chargers would avenge a devastating playoff loss that cost them their coach and bruised their collective psyche.

Wrong, Shawne. Ver...

FOXBOROUGH - One wondered if the events of last week had penetrated the normally iron-clad concentration of the New England Patriots.

Speculation was rampant leading up to last night's emotional game against the San Diego Chargers on how the disciples of Bill Belichick would respond to a national assault on their coach, their honor, and their credentials after a sideline video flap.

Any more questions?

What happened last night was an annihilation. If it was a priz...

FOXBOROUGH - Tom Brady gave a commanding performance in the Patriots' 38-14 win over the San Diego Chargers last night. Then, Brady paid tribute to Bill Belichick during a postgame news conference in which he called the Patriots' coach "probably the best" in NFL history.

Brady began the news conference talking about how the Patriots handled preparations last week during "Videogate".

"I'm proud of the way our guys prepared this week," Brady said. "I think over the yea...