Seattle Mariners defeat Baltimore Orioles, 13-8

The day started with news that Chris Gomez and John Parrish, two well-liked veterans, had been moved to teams fully immersed in pennant races.

The Orioles who remained said their goodbyes, left to avoid another late-season swoon without two players who occupied key roles for them at different parts of the season.

The sentimentality was pushed aside by the time Daniel Cabrera threw the first pitch against the Seattle Mariners last night, eventually giving way to a cruel ...

Second chance

Miguel Tejada hit his 250th career home run, and 10th career grand slam, in the third inning to give the Orioles a 5-4 lead. But he shouldn't have been batting. The previous hitter, Nick Markakis, appeared to strike out - for the third out - but third base umpire Tony Randazzo ruled that Markakis checked his swing. Markakis then walked to bring up Tejada. Seattle Mariners starter Horacio Ramirez and manager John McLaren were furious.

Costly mistake