Massive Severe Weather Event in Chicago

The worse storm I've ever experienced in my 15 years in Chicago.

I was sitting in my home office looking out the window to the east when I felt the foundation of the building shake and watched as wind picked up roofing tiles from the building across the street and blew them into the air. The power had already gone out and after 10 minutes or so it all of a sudden became very quiet outside the rain subsided. I ventured out to explore the damage and that's when I realized that a "microburst" had travelled a couple of blocks just beyond where by building was. See the accompanying photos for evidence of the damage. Straight down the block every tree was ripped out of the ground. A microburst is similar in strength to a tornado but it a straight column of air and usually doesn't last very long. My expedition outside was cut short and the next round of storms started moving through the city.