Taylor Swift Performs On America's Got Talent

Well, in my search of past Julienne Irwin videos, I remembered that Julienne was lucky enough to be able to perform with Taylor Swift on America’s Got Talent.

This was well before we started seeing Taylor Swift everywhere. What an experience this must have been for Julienne. The crazy thing is that I like Julienne’s voice as much or more than Taylor Swift’s. Of course, Taylor does probably write better songs. Anyway, all of this said, I really enjoyed this look back at Julienne Irwin and Taylor Swift on America’s Got Talent singing “Teardrops on My Guitar"

"Teardrops On My Guitar" is the second single by Country Pop artist Taylor Swift. This work is from Taylor's self titled album, Taylor Swift, following her debut single "Tim McGraw". The song is about a girl who is secretly in love with a boy named Drew, but Drew is interested in another girl. The song talks about the heartbreak of liking someone who is so close but is out of one's reach. Swift also states that it's about the conflicting feelings of loving someone and wanting them to love you back and wanting them to be happy. In a behind-the-scenes video, Swift reveals that the song was written about a classmate.

In the UK, the song was released as the second single from her first album in that Country, Fearless in June 2009.

The song is about a boy named Drew Hardwick that Taylor Swift was friends with in high school. He never realized how much she liked him. Taylor told Seventeen Magazine (in the June issue) details about the true story behind her song:

He was a guy who I met freshman year of high school. He had the most beautiful eyes and this amazing smile. He was so cute and nice – and he talked to me every day… about his girlfriend! Which is like the screeching brake sound. But I had it bad for him. And I just kept thinking, Why am I so invisible to him? Why does he have to have a girlfriend? I never told him that I liked him, but I did write a song with his name on it – so I think he knows now.