Entourage Season 4 Episode 9

Eric gets in a fender bender with Anna Faris and while he believes they shared "a little moment," he finds his career about to change.

Turtle goes shopping for provisions (and girls) for a party, but has an encounter with the law. Mrs. Ari is asked to reprise her role on a The Young and the Restless anniversary special, leading Ari to try and dissuade her - and her young co-star - with no success.

Vince's 'Lost in the Clouds' cash has landed the crew in new digs, a $30k-per-month rental in the hills, but while E struggles to locate the place, actress Anna Faris rear-ends his Aston-Martin. When he gets back to the house, E tells the guys that he and Anna had "a moment" when she gave him her phone number – too bad the digits turn out to be off the mark. Turtle suffers a disappointment as well, announcing that his favorite strain of marijuana has gone extinct.