Construction of the Greensboro Western Loop Completed

This project, which is a section of the Greensboro Urban Loop around the City of Greensboro, consists of 3,194,000 cubic meters of borrow and 1,574,000 cubic meters of unclassified excavation, 16,800 linear meters of drainage pipe, 373 drainage structures, and 6,500 linear meters of sewer and water reconstruction. One of the largest challenges of this project will be managing the 40 environmentally sensitive locations designated by the Corps of Engineers that Archer Western will encounter during the embankment and cut work activities. The roadway on the project consists of 254,000 square meters of lime treated sub base, 394,200 square meters of concrete and 280,000 metric tons of asphalt. There is also an extensive sign, ITS, Dynamic Message Sign System and Lighting package included in the contract which totals approximately $4 Million. Additional work on the project includes the relocation of a Pump Station, MSE retaining walls and sound walls.

Location: Greensboro, North Carolina
Owner: North Carolina Division of Highways
Architect: HNTB
Project Value: $117 M
Completion Date: July 2007