Baltimore Orioles defeat Tampa Bay Rays, 6-1

The Orioles still don't have the starting left side of their infield.

They no longer have their primary closer.

Layers of the team keep peeling off, but it hasn't been exposed.

With shortstop Miguel Tejada in the minors on a rehabilitation assignment and reliever Chris Ray on the disabled list, the Orioles remain a resilient bunch. They won again last night, getting six workmanlike innings from Erik Bedard and a huge break in the first inning to defeat the Tampa Bay ...

Scoreless Streak Ended

The Orioles entered last night's game having not allowed a run in their past 21 innings. The Devil Rays ended that streak in the third when catcher Raul Casanova lined a 2-0 pitch into the left-field stands for a bases-empty home run. It was the 16th homer given up this season by starter Erik Bedard, who came into the game ranked fifth in the American League with a 3.12 ERA. Casanova's blast was the only run Bedard surrendered in his six innings o...