2007 NBA Finals - Spurs Defeat Cavs

Parker, Ginobili spark Spurs to fourth NBA championship CLEVELAND -- Once again, the San Antonio Spurs walked the hallways in champagne-soaked T-shirts.

Bruce Bowen carried the Larry O'Brien trophy, one he had cradled before.

Tony Parker, wrapped in France's flag, squeezed an MVP award he richly deserved.

And Tim Duncan, always the center of everything for his team, recorded every precious moment with a camcorder.

This wasn't their first NBA title. But for the Spurs, it's the maybe the one that means the most.

Spurs in a blur

By Mike Bresnahan
June 15, 2007

Another heartbreak by the lake, not that the San Antonio Spurs minded at all.

As one city groaned, seemingly resigned to its fate as a habitual non-champion in the sports world, another city popped into celebration mode, again, 1,500 miles away.

The Spurs won their fourth NBA championship in nine seasons, untangling themselves from the Cleveland Cavaliers long enough for an 83-82 victory Thursday in Game 4 of the Finals at Quicken Loans Arena.