2007 Toronto Gay Pride Parade

Canada's largest gay pride celebration wrapped up Sunday with Toronto's famous Pride Parade.

The parade is Pride Week's signature event and is known internationally for its elaborate costumes and floats.

The theme of the 27th annual Pride Week was "unstoppable," and parade organizers encouraged participants to show Toronto what the word means to them.

I took some pictures of our Gay Pride weekend, and hope you all enjoy them. The weather was amazing, as it always seems to be on that day, and an estimated 1,000,000 people showed up for the festivities. The crowds are filled with all sorts of people, including a lot of families with kids... out to celebrate the Mardi Gras-like atmosphere. Everyone is welcome at Toronto's Pride Parade. Spirits were high, and there did not seem to be any problems of note. This year's theme was "UNSTOPPABLE"! Pride Week is possible due to the hard work of an army of volunteers, and has managed to remain free to all. I'm hoping that if anyone has a problem with Gay Pride Days that they don't upset themselves and just move on to another thread!