Hannah Montana Season 2 Episode 8

After the rehearsal for the Hannah Montana Presidential concert one of her back up dancers ask Hannah out on a date, which Roxy invites her self along.

Hannah Montana performs for the President of the United States. After the concert Roxy saves the President from eating tainted sushi, which lily as Lola found out too late and as see runs to the bathroom to throw it back up. The President is impressed that he offers her a job she turns him down but takes the job after her and Miley get into a fight. While Jackson is trying to convince his girlfriend he is a motocross racer. Hannah and Robby Ray interview for new bodyguard but Roxy's face keeps popping in. Hannah takes Lola to the hotel the president is staying to try to convince Roxy to come back, but her plan hits a snag when she is informed that she must in stay the room and wait for the President's daughter Sophie. she and Lola switch outfit so she can sneak out to find Roxy, but while looking for Roxy she gets mistaken by President Richard Martinez as the dog whisperer then uses the dog to tell Roxy that she misses her and made a mistake letting her go. Roxy tells Robby Ray that she missed him and hasn't had a hug in two days. They hug , then Robby Ray realizes that Hannah Dressed as Lola . Hannah and Roxy were so busy reminiscing that they left Lola dressed as Hannah with Sophie back at the hotel. Hannah and Roxy run out the door

Title: Take This Job And Love It

This is the one of the episodes that does not feature Miley, Hannah volunteers Roxy to work for President Martinez after she ruins Hannah's date with her backup dancer; Jackson pretends to be a professional motor-cross racer to impress a girl.