Wilson Sporting Goods Moves to New Headquarters

Wilson’s new headquarters makes you feel like you’re at Center Court at Wimbledon or taking the final shot as the clock runs out.

Employees of Wilson Sporting Goods Co. were welcomed to their new headquarters facility on June 1, 2007. Kept under wraps from concept through construction, despite being right next door to their current office, the new facility was opened to all 280 global headquarters employees for a tour before they moved into their new home the following week.

Chris Considine, President of Wilson, greeted workers with the announcement: “This is our new home and it gives us an opportunity to honor the past and lead to the future. Wilson products and Wilson sponsored athletes have been involved in the greatest moments in sports for over 90 years. We are able to showcase this authenticity in our new home. We look forward to sharing this space with our customers and friends.”
Museum-like Gallery

Although the new office encompasses five floors of the new building, the true entrance and reception area is on the 13th floor, further illustrated by the red Wilson “W” replacing the number 13 on the elevator panel. Visitors are led into the reception area by an array of photographs showcasing the people and products from Wilson’s history to the present. The main Gallery room includes a large, arched video wall displaying Wilson products in action. The inspirational clips of Wilson products being used by professionals, accompanied by stirring music, makes you feel like you’re at Center Court at Wimbledon or taking the final shot as the clock runs out.

The museum-like Gallery displays Wilson products in a unique way, including a tennis ball chandelier as well as a pyramid of balls comprised of all of the sports balls that Wilson designs and produces. A main structural pole is decorated with sports phrases in multiple languages as well as clocks showing time zones around the world, symbolizing Wilson’s impact in sports around the world and the global impact of the work done in the building.

Other community areas on this floor include a board room called “The Skybox”, a beautiful V. I. P. lounge where athletes such as Roger Federer will be entertained, and “the Bleachers”, a classroom which will be used for a wide range of meetings and training functions thanks to its moveable seating and video equipment.
Right mix of workspaces

The architecture firm Gensler partnered with Wilson designers through concept and design. This team effort is evident in the stellar end product. Focus groups were conducted to ensure that the space is not only functional but also provides the right mix of flowing workspaces, teaming space, product work areas and conference rooms. Gensler also worked in tandem with Wilson designers and the exhibit design group CenterPoint to showcase Wilson products throughout the facility.

Molly Wallace, Director of Communications at Wilson, championed the new headquarters project from start to finish. She feels that “the project was a true collaboration with the client and architects. We worked really hard to ensure that our brand values were communicated and showcased throughout our space. We are ­really proud of our brand and want everyone to feel it when they visit.”

The new building is triangular in shape, creating an interesting dynamic for the designers to work with. The 115,000 square feet of space covers five floors, all similar in design but altered to ensure the optimal layout for how each Wilson product team works. The footprint of the space was minimized by centralizing shared amenities.

The workspaces were carefully crafted to enhance the way that Wilson employees do their jobs. Workstations are different for those that work on product versus those that work with paper. Wilson products are displayed on 6,000 linear feet of slatwall throughout the workspaces, covering more than one mile. Displaying items such as footballs, tennis rackets, golf clubs and uniforms as artwork on the walls allows Wilson employees to celebrate their products on a daily basis.

The points of the triangular floors are used for conference rooms that double as casual meeting space or the perfect spot for a personal break. Each department has a community work area with tables and storage compartments. There is plenty of space for teaming, with conference rooms doubling as workrooms. Much of the teaming space is arranged with movable seating, slatwall for displaying product and full-wall dry erase boards that are functional while also saving paper.
Commitment to the environment

The construction of the new facility showcases Wilson’s commitment to the environment. A majority of materials used in the workstations and carpet are made with recycled content. Many of the interior surfaces such as the flooring and walls are made from renewable resources. An abundance of natural light permeates the office and environmentally friendly lighting is used where necessary. Even the office chairs are made with 99.9% recycled material.

Much of the artwork is also comprised of recycled materials. Entry walls on each floor are decorated with the product or category that is represented on that floor. The actual product is used as the material for the walls, such as leather panels of footballs, scrap pieces of ball glove leather and felt panels from tennis balls.

On the second floor is a multipurpose room for all employees to relax and refresh both mentally and physically. This area was inspired by Considine, who wanted to create an environment for all employees to come together. And more importantly, one where they wanted to come.

There is space for dining, a coffee bar, as well as a pool table, ping-pong table and putting green. Along with casual seating, there are several high-definition flat-screen televisions mounted on the wall, which will most likely be tuned into sports channels to check out Wilson’s products in use by the pros at events like Wimbledon, The Open Championship, the College World Series and NFL games.

Visitors to the facility will walk away seeing that Wilson is not only focused on its employees, customers and consumers, but also doing its part to leave a healthy planet for future generations. This new global headquarters celebrates Wilson’s commitment to producing innovative and technology leading sporting goods equipment for everyone from the world’s top athletes to the weekend warrior.