Baltimore Orioles defeat Cleveland Indians, 8-2

Cleaning up Catcher Ramon Hernandez must like batting in the fourth spot in the order.

He has done it for three straight games, and last night, he hit his first home run and had a sacrifice fly. Hernandez's three-run shot in the first inning provided an early lead for starter Daniel Cabrera. It also was the first time the Orioles had scored three runs or more in an inning in their past 57, dating back to April 27 in Cleveland.

Control issues

Cabrera needed only 11...

In case the Orioles had forgotten, this is what an offense looks like when it opens up. When runners on base actually get to circle them.When collecting multiple hits in an inning doesn't require taking a fastball in the ribs.

Breaking out another lineup that removed players from their usual slots, the Orioles scored six runs in the first two innings to knock out lefthander Jeremy Sowers and stormed past the Cleveland Indians, 8-2, before 25,752 at Camden Yards.