Hannah Montana Season 2 Episode 6

Jackson and Miley get grounded for fighting and bickering over sharing Miley's bathroom because of an incident that happened earlier that morning.Leading them to miss their social events.

With that being so, they force Lilly and Oliver to pretend to them so Robbie Ray will know that they are there. Their plans do not go the way they plan.

Title: You Gotta Not Fight For The Right To Party

After Jackson's bathroom is destroyed, Robby makes Miley share hers with him. Thus begins the Great Bathroom War in the Stewart household. Robby grounded Miley and Jackson because they were fighting a lot. Jackson and Miley sneak out to their events, but Jackson's car nearly falls off a cliff. They managed to escape, bringing them closer. While Miley and Jackson are gone driving, Lilly and Oliver disguised themselves as Miley and Jackson.