Baltimore Orioles defeat Kansas City Royals, 9-1

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- They said that once the offense got going, everything would change.

The starting pitchers would work quicker and have the confidence to throw more strikes. The relievers would enter games with less pressure and more margin of error. And the defense would be sharper and less prone to mental errors.

It was only the lowly Kansas City Royals that the Orioles pounded last night, but for a team that has had so many problems putting it all together for the ...

Trachsel in control

It is again worth mentioning that Steve Trachsel started the season as the Orioles' fifth starter and was expected to be one of the weak links if the rotation. He had another strong outing last night, allowing five hits and one run in a complete game. It was only the Orioles' second complete game of the season and the 20th complete game of the pitcher's career. He is 4-3 with a 3.39 ERA this year.

Hernandez is grand

Catcher Ramon Hernandez ente...

KANSAS CITY -- Jay Gibbons has been in plenty of slumps, but few have been as frustrating as his current one. No matter how much he struggled in the past, he still could hit a fastball.

But even that has become difficult, if not impossible for Gibbons, who has consistently been late on fastballs that he used to drive. On the home stand that just ended, Gibbons was 3-for-17 (.176). He is also only four for his last 28 (.143) with eight strikeouts.

"I am embarrassed," ...