America's Next Top Model Cycle 8 Episode 3

The contestants were greeted by J. Alexander and a marching band at a high school, before they were divided into teams and taught a runway walking routine based on timing and precision.

After the rehearsal, they met fashion show producer Roy Campbell, who introduced them to their challenge - a prom fashion show consisting of three looks each, modern contemporary, the 80s prom and ghetto fabulous. Sarah's breasts fell out of her ghetto fabulous dress, and was commended for not letting it affect her walk but was criticized for not covering up in front of the high school students. Brittany won the runway challenge and received her own personalized runway trophy. Although Samantha did not win, she believed since she missed her prom, this was her way of going to prom.

The next day, the contestants returned to the high school for a photoshoot, where Jay Manuel assigned each of them a different high school cliché.

While Jaslene stood out and was called first once again, and Felicia and Diana impressed the judges, Natasha and Samantha struggled to fit their characters, and they consequently landed in the bottom two. Natasha was criticized for her inability to transfer her beauty into a photograph and she was told she was worse than Ann Markley from Cycle 3 of Top Model, while the judges saw Samantha as too inexperienced and lacking personality. With that, Tyra handed the last photo to Natasha because of her good personality and her ability to change a negative comment into a positive comment, thus sending Samantha home.

First call-out: Jaslene Gonzalez
Bottom two: Natasha Galkina & Samantha Francis
Eliminated: Samantha Francis
Featured photographer: Carlos Rios
Special guests: Roy Campbell, Hallie Bowman
CoverGirl of the Week: Jaslene Gonzalez

Title: The Girls Go To Prom

Model: Cliche

Brittany: Valedictorian
Cassandra: Cheerleader
Diana: Student Body President
Dionne: Bad Girl
Felicia: Jock
Jael: Bookworm
Jaslene: Weirdo
Natasha: Teacher's Pet
Renee: Class Clown
Samantha: Girl with the Bad Reputation
Sarah: Class Flirt
Whitney: Mean Girl