"Meet The Robinsons" Soundtrack Is Released

Meet the Robinsons is a soundtrack for the 2007 Disney animated film of the same title.

The album was released on March 27, 2007 and contained songs by Rufus Wainwright and Rob Thomas, among others, with the film's score by Danny Elfman. The main single, Thomas' "Little Wonders", reached number 58 on the Billboard Top 100.

1. "Another Believer" - Rufus Wainwright
2. "Little Wonders" - Rob Thomas
3. "The Future Has Arrived" - The All-American Rejects
4. "Where is Your Heart At?" - Jamie Cullum (written by Wainwright)
5. "The Motion Waltz (Emotional Commotion)" - Rufus Wainwright
6. "Give Me the Simple Life" - Jamie Cullum
7. The Prologue (Score)
8. To the Future! (Score)
9. Meeting the Robinsons (Score)
10. The Science Fair (Score)
11. Goob's Story (Score)
12. A Family United (Score)
13. Pop Quiz and the Time Machine Montage (Score)
14. The Evil Plan (Score)
15. Doris Has Her Day (Score)
16. Setting Things Right (Score)
17. "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" - They Might Be Giants
18. "Kids of the Future" - Jonas Brothers (not heard in the movie, but in a music video in the bonus feature menu)