Hannah Montana Season 1 Episode 24

There is a show called Singing With the Stars, and whoever wins, will sing with Hannah Montana.

At school, Amber says that she could win. She then goes into the bathroom and Miley says that she would make sure that Amber didn't win. But then she hears a terrible voice coming from the bathroom and Miley said she WOULD make sure she got in because she wanted Amber to be humiliated on t.v. At lunch, Miley then calls Amber and says that she would be in Singing With the Stars and singing with Hannah Montana. Then Amber says it aloud that she is going to be singing with Hannah Montana on Singing with the Stars and asks everybody if they want to hear her song. Then Ashley starts to sing and she sings horrible. But Amber tells her to stop and she begins to sing. Everybody sees that she has a great voice and then Lilly and Miley come up with a plan to make Amber be humiliated on t.v. At the show, around 2 minutes before starting, Amber confesses to Hannah that when she was little, people made fun of her, and she was feeling really scared/nervous that that would happen again. Hannah decides to go through where Amber is supposed to go through, and she gets humiliated because it makes everything poof up, etc. That was the entrance that Amber was supposed to go through. And that's pretty much it.

Title: The Idol Side Of Me

Hannah participates in Singing with the Stars, a contest that consists of amateurs paired with celebrities, and gets Amber in the top three with the intention of humiliating her, later regretting it; Jackson and Robby are annoyed by Dontzig's dog.