America's Next Top Model Cycle 8 Episode 2

The photo shoot dealt with controversial political issues.

For the week's reward challenge, the contestants were taken to a Goodwill thrift shop where they were given three minutes to put together an outfit which reflected their personal style. After a runway show featuring their outfits, each outfit was auctioned off to raise money for Goodwill, and Jael's received the highest bid. Her reward was to sign her name on the ceremonial check given to the charity for the vocationally challenged, and she got to get dressed up by Phillip Bloch before meeting the judges.

Only Jaslene, Felicia, Samantha and Brittany pulled off good photos, while the rest failed to impress. Despite several girls producing unsatisfactory pictures, Jael and Kathleen were the bottom two contestants for failing to commit to their characters during their photo shoots. The judges criticized Jael for her apparent fear of success, but decided that she had more potential than Kathleen.

First call-out: Jaslene Gonzalez
Bottom two: Jael Strauss & Kathleen DuJour
Eliminated: Kathleen DuJour
Featured photographer: Nigel Barker
Special guests: Johnta Austin, Jermaine Dupri, Russell Baer, Phillip Bloch, Marc Ecko

Title: The Girl Who Won't Stop Talking (Second Hour)

Model: Controversial Issue

Brittany: Pro-fur
Cassandra: Carnivore
Diana: Pro-gun
Dionne: Vegan
Felicia: Straight marriage
Jael: Pro-life
Jaslene: Death Penalty
Kathleen: Anti-fur
Natasha: Pro-choice
Renee: Anti-gun
Samantha: Gay marriage (with Whitney)
Sarah: Life imprisonment
Whitney: Gay marriage (with Samantha)

I think every model wants to date Nigel Barker. Because he's so tall!”

— Kathleen DuJour