"Live At Ancienne Belgique 19.11.07" Is Released

Live At Ancienne Belgique 19.11.07 is the first live album by former Moloko vocalist Róisín Murphy.

It was recorded at Ancienne Belgique in Belgium on 19 November 2007.

The album was recorded by ConcertLive and was sold exclusively through their website. The album was limited to only 1,500 copies worldwide.


1. "Cry Baby"
2. "You Know Me Better"
3. "Checkin' on Me"
4. "Dear Miami"
5. "Primitive"
6. "Sow into You"
7. "Footprints"
8. "Movie Star"
9. "Scarlet Ribbons"
10. "The Truth"


1. "Forever More"
2. "Let Me Know"/"Keep On" Medley
3. "Overpowered"
4. "Tell Everybody"
5. "Ramalama (Bang Bang)"

Róisín Marie Murphy (pronounced /roːˈʃʲiːnʲ/ in Irish and pronounced /roʊˈʃiːn/ in English); born 5 July 1973) is an Irish singer-songwriter and music producer, known for her electronica style.

Murphy first came to note as part of the electronic music duo Moloko. Her partner in the band was then-boyfriend Mark Brydon. After the two ended their romantic relationship, Murphy released her debut solo album Ruby Blue, written and produced with Matthew Herbert, in 2005. Her second solo album Overpowered was released in 2007. On 10 January 2008, Overpowered received a nomination for the Choice Music Prize in the Republic of Ireland; the award is given each year to an Irish artist who has proved to produce a critically acclaimed album. Her version of "Slave to Love" by Bryan Ferry is featured in the 2008 Gucci commercial starring actor James Franco.