New England Patriots defeat Philadelphia Eagles, 31-28

FOXBOROUGH - The natural question following the Patriots' nail-biting win last night is: Has a blueprint been created to finally slow them down?

After running roughshod over their opposition - outside of the Colts and in one half against the Cowboys - the Patriots faced a stiff challenge from the Eagles. So, how did the Eagles do it?

Those looking for the simple answer can fall back on this: it was complementary football executed at a high level, a blend of offense, ...

FOXBOROUGH - What had the makings of a colossal upset became a good night for Tom Brady and Wes Welker.

Against the Philadelphia Eagles, 24-point underdogs, the Patriots were forced to play the role of comeback kids and Brady led the way in a 31-28 win.

Randy Moss's acrobatic plays and height advantage did not come into play. Brady needed to look elsewhere and in the fourth quarter, when the Patriots trailed, 28-24, he found Welker again, again, and again.

On a 10...

FOXBOROUGH - The inevitable happened.

And still the New England Patriots survived.

Through 10 games, except for a scare from the Colts, this charmed football team gave us absolutely no reason to ponder the possibility it might actually lose a game. The Patriots didn't just win, they dominated. They didn't just produce points, they concocted thrilling, acrobatic, otherworldly touchdowns.

They were equally intimidating on both sides of the ball. They exhibited depth...

FOXBOROUGH - Maybe Patriots defensive end Jarvis Green was prescient when he purchased the team T-shirts hailing them as 60-minute men. The Patriots needed almost every minute last night to prevent time from running out on their perfect season.

But the clock is still ticking on the status of Don Shula and his 1972 Miami Dolphins as the only undefeated team in NFL history. The Patriots rallied from a 28-24 fourth-quarter deficit to continue their run at the record books ...