Boston Celtics defeat Washington Wizards, 103-83

The Garden was cluttered with champions, both old-time ones and the newly minted kind.

Bob Cousy, Satch Sanders, Tim Wakefield, Jacoby Ellsbury, Jarvis Green, and Laurence Maroney (no, wait - he hasn't won anything just yet) piled into the House That KG Filled to see the unveiling of the new Boston Celtics.

They were, like all of us, brimming with anticipation, wondering how a trio of superstars and bit players would mesh. We have been serenaded by the melodious sound o...

The first shot was certainly interesting.

"I was soooo jacked up," said Kevin Garnett. "As you can see by my first shot, which went off the backboard."

Off? He's lucky it didn't go through it.

But eventually the game came to Kevin Garnett. He got into the scoring column with a couple of free throws. Three and a half minutes into the game, he knocked down a 12-foot jumper as the shot clock was winding down for his first Celtic basket. After that, it was just a matt...