Releases "Manhood"

Track listing 1. Year Of The Tiger (feat.

Young Noble)
2. Do It Big (feat. Khujo Goodie)
3. Hold Up (Skit)
4. Get Yo Hustle Up
5. Black Girl Shine
6. That's What Men Do
7. Ball Or Fall (feat. Malachi, Stormey, E.D.I., M-1 & Young Noble)
8. Traffic Jam (feat. Crystal Johnson)
9. It's Nice Outside
10. Reparations (feat. Taj)
11. Coming Home
12. Whatever Daddy Wants (feat. Maimouna)
13. So Focused
14. Independent Hustler (feat. Mykel)
15. Boss Up (feat. Mr. Sonshyne)
16. Traffic Jam (feat. Crystal Johnson) (Radio Mix)
17. Faithful Lover (feat. Maimouna) (Bonus)

Manhood is was debut solo album by (famous from the hip hop duo Dead Prez) in 2007. The lyrical content of the album represents a bit of a departure from previous Stic.Man/dead prez music in that the underlying theme of the album--manhood--is encouraged through capital accumulation. On songs such as "Do It Big" and "Get Yo Hustle Up" Stic.Man lauds material success and expresses his want to pass down wealth to future generations of his family.