New England Patriots defeat Dallas Cowboys, 48-27

IRVING, Texas - They appeared to be at a breaking point and needed to come up with an answer.

Early in the third quarter, the Patriots lost the lead to the Cowboys for the first time, 24-21, the first time they had trailed in the second half this season, and it was a frenzied environment at Texas Stadium. Key point of the game? Most definitely.

Someone needed to emerge - a unit needed to elevate its performance - and the Patriots turned to their offense, which simply...

IRVING, Texas - Week by week, we're learning just how great Tom Brady was last year. He was a champion thoroughbred carrying 130 pounds each and every time he took the field.

"I always said," mused Randy Moss - yes, Randy and Manny Being Manny speaking publicly in the same week! - "Peyton Manning has his receivers. Why can't Tom Brady have his?"

Ladies and gentlemen, he has them now.

You can argue very strenuously that this was an unwinnable game last year. No Lau...

IRVING, Texas - What they say is true. Everything is bigger and better in Texas, especially the Patriots offense.

It's tough for a team that came in averaging a league-best 36.4 points per game to up the ante, but that's exactly what the Patriots did yesterday with a 48-27 win over the Dallas Cowboys at Texas Stadium, the Patriots' first ever in the edifice.

Befitting its Southwestern setting, the much-anticipated matchup between the two unbeatens turned into a shoot...

IRVING, Texas - Patriots receiver Randy Moss gave coach Bill Belichick a verbal hug following yesterday's 48-27 win over the Cowboys. Speaking for the first time since the Sept. 9 season opener, Moss said he's enjoying his first year in New England and Belichick is one of the reasons.

"Coach Belichick is a helluva coach, if not the greatest ever, and I really mean that," said Moss.

"He doesn't let us get too ahead of ourselves. That's one thing that I really love and...