Hannah Montana Season 1 Episode 23

Miley gets picked on by the new girl who's nickname is The Cracker.

Jackson and Robbie Stewart have their fishing trip snowed out and have to stay in a bug infested hotel. Roxy goes undercover as a new bully to try and put The Crackers terror to an end. Jackson and Robbie get stuck with the hotel manager and his ventriloquist dummy. Roxy gives Miley a new wardrobe so she can protect her at all times. Miley gets made into a salad before Lily can get the Principal. We find out why The Cracker is so mean because her real name is Henrietta Laverne. Jackson steals Miley's wig when he gets home so the ventriloquist dummy can be a little pop star.

Title: School Bully

Roxy disguises herself as a new student at Miley's school in order to protect Miley from getting beaten up by a bully; Robby and Jackson get snowed in at a cabin with a creepy owner (Kenneth Mars) and his equally creepy ventriloquist dummy.