"Laser Cats! 2" SNL Digital Short

Hader and Samberg apologize to Lorne Michaels for the original Laser Cats!

claiming to understand where they went wrong: not enough politics. They then introduce Laser Cats! 2, based on the same premise, but now it was the Iraq War that had gone nuclear and caused the feline mutations. This time, Dr. Scientist (Jake Gyllenhaal) has stolen the cure that turns Laser Cats back into regular cats.

The funniest bits tonight came from Hader and Samberg’s latest “Laser Cats” digital short. Last seen in the April 2006 Lindsay Lohan episode, we’ve learned that this time around, Samberg’s character has decided to retire from the laser cat life. However, after a visit from the diabolical “Dr. Scientist”, Samberg quickly changes his mind.