Nissan Wingroad is First Produced

The Nissan Wingroad is an automobile available only as a compact station wagon.

The Wingroad is sold as a different name when manufactured as a commercial delivery van, called the Nissan AD van, or as it's known as the (Japanese: Nissan Advan). It is an alternative to the Honda Partner commercial delivery van in Japan.

In October 1982, the AD van replaced the commercial delivery vans from the Nissan Pulsar, Nissan Sunny and the Auster/Violet. In 1983, the Nissan Cedric van was discontinued, as was the Nissan Gloria van. It originally came with two front doors and a liftback hatch in back. It was based on the B11 series Nissan Sunny wagon.

The rear suspension was designed for commercial usage, so it used a simple leaf spring setup and wasn't intended for ride quality. The AD van was designed for very basic duties, and the options list was kept small to enhance economical use and running costs. The AD van used a front wheel drive engine configuration shared with the Sunny.

It came with three engines; the 1.5 L and 1.3 L E15S and E13S and the 1.7 L CD17 diesel engine. The transmissions were 3-speed automatic, or a choice of 4- or 5-speed manual transmission.

In July 1983, two more doors were added to streamline manufacturing costs, and it could be installed with a optional back seat. The AD van remained basically unchanged, except for minor cosmetic changes until the second generation was introduced in 1990 with the Y10 series.

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The 2nd generation of WINGROAD is made aiming at the stylish and functional small wagon. The theme of development is the following, the space design of habitation & loading as a wagon, and high functionality excellent in user-friendliness, then the run with the pleasant feeling as a wagon.

The appearance design was made stylish and sporty. Although the design of the circumference of instrument panel is not so luxuary, it should be well considered to visibility, operativity, functionality.

Various creativity is put on the user-friendliness of a luggage space, and it can push down with remote control to back reclining to a passenger seat as well as the ability to push down back reclining to a rear seat by one-touch from back. Moreover, it has the bench which can be sat on the back end of a luggage space, and the washable board in which the large-sized underseat box and large-sized washing in cold water to which it can remove are possible, and the water-proof seat are also set up.

As for loading engine is inline 4 of 1.8L(MR18DE) and 1.5L(HRDE15).