Peirce, Raimond and Coulter ask for protective order

A Pittsburgh-based law firm at the heart of the CSX asbestos fraud case says turning over certain information could lead to more legal woes.

That's why Peirce, Raimond & Coulter has asked the U.S. Federal Court for a protective order. By disclosing some information requested by CSX Transportation in a federal lawsuit in the Northern District of West Virginia federal lawsuit, the Peirce Firm says doing so could force the firm to break rules of conduct and the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act.

Plaintiff (CSX) also seeks information that is protected by the attorney-client privilege and, therefore, exempt from disclosure. Furthermore, certain information, if published or disseminated, could cause undue embarrassment to the Peirce Law Firm and could be detrimental to its business interests.

— Peirce, Raimond & Coulter's motion for the order