America's Next Top Model Cycle 7 Episode 2

After the field was narrowed down to 13 girls by the judges, the girls were sent to a runway competition using the clothes from the designers of Elmer Avenue.

The contestants had to choose their clothes off the backs of 13 male models, then "feminize" and wear the outfit down the runway. Melrose was chosen as the winner, allowing her the chance to be "Diva for the Day" on the set of their next photo shoot.

At the fashion magazine-inspired house, the contestants were surprised that only 11 beds were available, and maneuvering took place. Monique, who did not get a bed, stole Eugena's and poured water on it, saying it was "pee" in order to ensure nobody tried to take it off her.

The next day, Tyra's dramatic diva appearance kicked off a shoot where the girls were given different model stereotypes to portray, (Anchal's photo would subsequently be used in opening of the show)

The judges liked Michelle's, CariDee's & AJ's photos but questioned Brooke's, Jaeda's, Christian's and Melrose's. The judges felt that Melrose gave a terrible photo from what she "had to work with," pointing out that she looked older than she was in the photo - this, combined with her bad attitude on set, saw her in the bottom two. Christian, also in the bottom two, was criticized for being "boring," showing lack of variations in her shots, and the judges felt that Christian had less potential than Melrose, therefore sending her home.

First call-out: Michelle Babin
Bottom two: Christian Evans & Melrose Bickerstaff
Eliminated: Christian Evans
Featured photographers: Oliver Bronson, Dylan Don
Special guests: The Aswirl Twins, Collin Pulsipher, Jonny Day, Ward Robinson, Sean Murphy

Title: The Girl Who Marks Her Territory (Second Hour)

Ring, ring! Hello? Oh yeah? I get to live my wildest dream today? Are you serious? ”

— Brooke Miller