Toronto Blue Jays defeat Boston Red Sox, 5-1

As expected, sleep didn't arrive easily for Jonathan Papelbon Friday night.

When you earn your salary on the potency of your powerful right arm, a good night's rest is hardly a guarantee when your shoulder is, as he put it yesterday, ``thumping."

``I got really nervous," said the rookie Red Sox closer, who suffered a muscle strain during the ninth inning of Friday's win over the Blue Jays. ``It's your career. Your career's on the line."

Yesterday, Papelbon reporte...

Understandably, the home clubhouse at Fenway Park has been a somber place of late, with the club still shellshocked by the health concerns of two teammates.

Yesterday, the gloom partially lifted when David Ortiz, flashing his signature smile -- along with some squint-inducing jewelry -- appeared at Fenway Park to proclaim his fitness and visit his mates during the tilt against Toronto.

``I know people really care about every single one of us," said Ortiz before the g...