Baltimore Orioles defeat Boston Red Sox, 4-0

Mike Timlin will turn 41 during spring training next season (March 10). After being an indispensable piece of the Red Sox' bullpen the previous three seasons, including a league-leading 81 appearances in 2005, Timlin has struggled mightily this season.

But for those thinking that the time has come for Timlin to call it a career, he has other ideas. He said yesterday he would like to pitch in 2007.

``I want to get to 1,000 games," Timlin said. ``Forty-six to go."


BALTIMORE -- No one will ever really know, of course, whether the stress fracture in Tim Wakefield's rib cage was the fault line on which the Red Sox' season began to crack.

Suffice to say, things looked considerably better for the Sox the last time Wakefield pitched, back on July 17, when the team was still in first place in the American League East by a half-game, and 19 games over .500.

By the time Wakefield returned, last night in Camden Yards, the 40-year-old kn...