Sepultura release The Best of Sepultura

The Best of Sepultura is a compilation album from Roadrunner Records, featuring a best of collection of Sepultura's music with the label.

Although the track-listing from "Inner Self" onwards is essentially a collection of all of the band's singles, in its representation of the album Arise the compilation substitutes the single "Under Siege (Regnum Irae)" for the album track "Desperate Cry."

The record was released without Sepultura's involvement (they were signed to SPV Records at the time) and is not officially recognized by Sepultura themselves. The Roadrunner studio albums Morbid Visions, Against, Nation, the debut EP Bestial Devastation, and the rarities and live albums Blood-Rooted, The Roots of Sepultura and Under a Pale Grey Sky are not represented on the record.

The album was released on September 12, 2006, simultaneously with similarly unsanctioned best-of collections of the bands Type O Negative, Fear Factory and Ill Nino.